Beyond Management By Calendar

Ben CRM, Sales

There was a great article this morning from Sig Rinde at Enterprise Irregulars advocating getting rid of calendars. I remember teaching this in my CRM classes years ago. The CRM tools that we use today make it so very easy to schedule meetings, tasks, follow-up calls that you can literally fill up your calendar without realizing it. I have seen …

Are You Still Billing By The Hour?

Ben Consulting, Strategy

Many professionals and freelancers begin their career using hourly billing. Why not? It’s easy and you can price your work based on what the going rate is for your area of expertise.

Here is a quick and easy way to find out if your hourly rates are in line with your costs and expectations

How Much Do You Charge?

Ben Consulting, Sales, Strategy

One of the most common questions that we get asked.  And one of the least valuable ways to begin a conversation with a potential vendor / partner / service provider. Of course the answer is, “It depends — what do you need?”  Or maybe you did really want an hour of my time?   What would you want me to do …