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Can You Afford Not To Have A CRM Consultant?

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I once had a client come to me for help, distraught at the failure of his company’s latest CRM implementation. It turns out the company had spent tens of thousands on a package recommended by the IT department. Unfortunately for my new client, that software implementation didn’t take into account the needs — and abilities — of the Sales team. …

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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ CRM Training

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One of the least addressed reasons for the dis-satisfaction (and sometimes outright failure) of new software deployments, particularly CRM systems is not having a good focus on training. There is always a tendency to let on-the-job, organic training take the place of formal instruction. After all, everyone now is ‘computer literate’ and we don’t want to insult our employees by …

Getting CRM Right the First Time

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If you meet with as many business owners or sales executives as I do you will be certain to hear that their current Customer Relationship Management software is not meeting their expectations. In the beginning there are usually high hopes and lots of conversations about how wonderful, productive and easy to use the new system will be for the sales …

Just How Hard Can IT Be?

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The company servers were running slow again and users kept getting kicked out of the network several times a day. Finally management had had enough and decided in executive meeting that the IT infrastructure needed to be replaced – what they had in place just wasn’t getting the job done.

It was felt that this would be a big deal for the,,,

3 Type of Customers – Part 2

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The second type is the company that has already started on their journey but has run into some roadblocks. The project is in danger and corrective action must be taken to get it back on track.

No, I Don’t Like My CRM!

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Whenever I hear comments like this I know that their sales process and their CRM systems are on the verge of collapse.

Why does it always take so long?

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Why does it take so long to get seemingly easy to use software up and running?  Why? It is becoming easier than ever to get a customer or prospecting database up and running.  Ten (or even five) years ago we needed to spin up a server, download and install our selected software — and then began the ordeal of getting everything …

A Sales Automation Journey

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OK, let’s face facts, CRM is not the new kid on the block that everyone has to have! Although the technology provides immense benefits and is almost a competitive necessity in modern business, many more people have iPhones than use CRM software! This a mature product line with a rich history and a bright future. Warning! Short history lesson ahead: …

I Wrecked My CRM!

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No, it wasn’t me driving but I did get called to send a tow truck this week. There should be something like OnStar for CRM implementations! If so this customer would not have spent several very frustrating months behind the wheel rocking their system back and forth trying to get out of that ditch. This was textbook case on how …

Beyond Management By Calendar

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There was a great article this morning from Sig Rinde at Enterprise Irregulars advocating getting rid of calendars. I remember teaching this in my CRM classes years ago. The CRM tools that we use today make it so very easy to schedule meetings, tasks, follow-up calls that you can literally fill up your calendar without realizing it. I have seen …