Why Do Sales Reps Hate Their CRM?

Alicia CRM

Meet Dave. Dave hates his company’s CRM. It’s unintuitive. It asks for unimportant information. The company’s CRM goes completely against the way he makes sales. Dave’s days run long. He doesn’t have the time or patience to spend another couple hours entering data each evening. Dave does what so many other sales reps in his position do. He half-heartedly throws …

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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ CRM Training

Ben Consulting, CRM, Sales, Training

One of the least addressed reasons for the dis-satisfaction (and sometimes outright failure) of new software deployments, particularly CRM systems is not having a good focus on training. There is always a tendency to let on-the-job, organic training take the place of formal instruction. After all, everyone now is ‘computer literate’ and we don’t want to insult our employees by …