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Technology and Sales Don’t Need Any More Acronyms

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OK, let’s face facts, CRM is not the new kid on the block that everyone has to have!  Although the technology provides immense benefits and is almost a competitive necessity in modern business, many more people have iPhones than use CRM software!  This a mature product line with a rich history and a bright future. Warning! Short history lesson ahead:  …

Just How Hard Can IT Be?

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The company servers were running slow again and users kept getting kicked out of the network several times a day. Finally management had had enough and decided in executive meeting that the IT infrastructure needed to be replaced – what they had in place just wasn’t getting the job done.

It was felt that this would be a big deal for the,,,

Selling Is A Game

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In a recent post I mentioned some of the reasons that sales reps (and managers) give for not fully utilizing the corporate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. An all too common reply is “…it’s just too damn complicated and keeps me from doing my job — selling and closing business”. There are a number of reasons for this happening — and it …

Why does it always take so long?

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Why does it take so long to get seemingly easy to use software up and running?  Why? It is becoming easier than ever to get a customer or prospecting database up and running.  Ten (or even five) years ago we needed to spin up a server, download and install our selected software — and then began the ordeal of getting everything …

A Trek Through Computer Time

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I could be way behind this year.

I prefer to think that I am just getting a good jump on Spring 2011.

3 C’s

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Today’s business environment seems to center around the 3C’s of current business technology – Collaboration, Cloud and CRM. Here is my quick overview of the those areas.

Business in the Clouds

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Small businesses in need of a good, fast, cheap (GFC) collaborative suite of office tools should take a close look at Zoho Business online applications. Zoho has been working hard on building a great suite of business tools on the web – a completely hosted set of office applications including e-mail, calendar, word processing and spreadsheets.  I think the spreadsheet …

Always bet on things changing…

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I recently ran across this article on Psychology Today about Strategic Change thanks to a link on Guy Kawasaki‘s blog.  The gist of the article is that you can change some aspects of your personality. Adjustments in attitude, engaging a mentor and finding the right fit are worthwhile endeavors — and they can be just as valuable if you can apply …