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Successful project management depends on effective people management. Mind mapping helps you keep your teams in alignment on the decisions and trade-offs that determine if a project will meet expectations. Whether you’re managing a small team or a complex initiative, you can create a blueprint for success with mind mapping.

Clearly defining goals and prioritizing issues means getting input — and more importantly, buy-in from the entire team. Mind mapping gives project teams a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming where every idea and concern can be surfaced and catalogued. Visual maps helps teams think visually so they can quickly lay out deliverables and identify any gaps in the plan.

Keeping everyone on the same page, especially when schedules and resources change, is the key to keeping your project from running off the rails. The impact of changes to assignments and dependencies are visually obvious so that everyone can understand (and respond to) the implications of schedules and budgets. Integrated Gantt charts provide a timeline of your schedule.

I use and recommend MindManager and Project Director from MindJet.

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