Information Mapping

Information mapping is an organic visual framework to let you capture ideas, organize
information, and then add hyperlinks, attachments, notes, and images to provide context — all within a single shared view. The process of creating these interactive maps helps you and your team quickly assess problems and opportunities. Because this type of mapping utilizes both left-brain and right-brain resources, it is ideal way to plan that clarifies concepts for both your ‘techies’ and your creatives. Because you can see both a complete overview and still drill down to access relevant details, mind maps helps teams validate priorities, map out timelines, and gain valuable buy-in on tasks and resource assignments.

Mind maps can be used in conjunction with other task management applications. When you use information maps to define tasks, you can manage and track them using tasklists or even pull them into Microsoft Sharepoint. Status updates are synchronized throughout your organization in both map and tasklist views.

I can show your team how to harness the power of information mapping to create a success story for your next project!

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