Brainstorming with mind maps is visual thinking in action.

It is a well-tested way of solving problems and bringing new ideas to the forefront allowing you to examine the problems from outside the boundaries of normal “bluesky” thinking. It is the synergy of the technical ‘left brain’ and the creative ‘right brain’ harnessed to bring out the best of your critical thinking skills. This helps you understand the issues and root causes of the issues in question, and come up with alternative solutions.

In the project management context, you can brainstorm from the goals and objectives down to the individual tasks to explore new ideas and alternatives. The possibilities are endless. Brainstorming with mind maps gives you a much more understandable and complete plan than working with white boards and flip charts.

Brainstorming is great for team building where everyone has input to mutual topics for discussion. Mind mapping has the benefits of improving initiative and innovation within an organization and fostering new idea creation as welll as improving quality, profitability, effieciency, and morale.

Ben Meredith
Ben Meredith

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