Agile Project Development & Tracking

I use mind maps to create detailed work breakdown structures to intelligently allocate resources and identify dependencies. Mind maps help everyone involved see at once the big picture and all the details in context.

Mind maps (I like MindManager by Mindjet) can create and manage projects in the master map so status reviews can highlight priorities, schedules, resources, budget and progress — all in single view. Formulas easily propagate throughout your project map with sophisticated calculations. Creating “what-if” scenarios is as simple as dragging topics to automatically adjust calculations. And, if needed, you can export your project directly into Microsoft Project.

Creating “what if” analyses is as simple as dragging topics into or out of the formula’s range to immediately adjust the calculations. And if needed, you can export your project straight to Microsoft Project.

Let me show you how to put this powerful tool to use in the success of your next venture!

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