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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ CRM Training

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One of the least addressed reasons for the dis-satisfaction (and sometimes outright failure) of new software deployments, particularly CRM systems is not having a good focus on training. There is always a tendency to let on-the-job, organic training take the place of formal instruction. After all, everyone now is ‘computer literate’ and we don’t want to insult our employees by …

Getting CRM Right the First Time

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If you meet with as many business owners or sales executives as I do you will be certain to hear that their current Customer Relationship Management software is not meeting their expectations. In the beginning there are usually high hopes and lots of conversations about how wonderful, productive and easy to use the new system will be for the sales …

3 Types of Customers – Part 3

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This is the third of three articles on basic customer types.  The last couple of weeks I have reviewed the first-time customer and then one with a stalled project.  Keep in mind that I am viewing all this through the eyes of a CRM consultant. The third type of customer has already selected their product or service and begun using …

3 Type of Customers – Part 2

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The second type is the company that has already started on their journey but has run into some roadblocks. The project is in danger and corrective action must be taken to get it back on track.

Selling Is A Game

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In a recent post I mentioned some of the reasons that sales reps (and managers) give for not fully utilizing the corporate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. An all too common reply is “…it’s just too damn complicated and keeps me from doing my job — selling and closing business”. There are a number of reasons for this happening — and it …

No, I Don’t Like My CRM!

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Whenever I hear comments like this I know that their sales process and their CRM systems are on the verge of collapse.

Are There Beans in Your Customer Service?

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A number of years ago I was called in to review a CRM system for a technology firm — actually a software company with a strong focus on databases.   Good project for me; I understood the target market, the general sales and support functions and had worked with their CRM system for a number of years. One afternoon I was …

I Wrecked My CRM!

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No, it wasn’t me driving but I did get called to send a tow truck this week. There should be something like OnStar for CRM implementations! If so this customer would not have spent several very frustrating months behind the wheel rocking their system back and forth trying to get out of that ditch. This was textbook case on how …

The CRM Pit Crew

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Race day in Richmond and as usual the action is in the P I T S !