Selling Is A Game

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In a recent post I mentioned some of the reasons that sales reps (and managers) give for not fully utilizing the corporate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. An all too common reply is “…it’s just too damn complicated and keeps me from doing my job — selling and closing business”. There are a number of reasons for this happening — and it …

No, I Don’t Like My CRM!

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Whenever I hear comments like this I know that their sales process and their CRM systems are on the verge of collapse.

It’s not what you know – it’s what you don’t

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Sometimes it is not what you know about a customer (or prospect) but what you do not know that is most important. Our customer databases and CRM systems are very good (with our help of course) at being about to capture and retain data about everyone that we have contacted in the course of doing business.  We have a history …

CRM Best in Breed

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There are few bad CRM systems but there are many bad CRM implementations.

Why does it always take so long?

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Why does it take so long to get seemingly easy to use software up and running?  Why? It is becoming easier than ever to get a customer or prospecting database up and running.  Ten (or even five) years ago we needed to spin up a server, download and install our selected software — and then began the ordeal of getting everything …

Swiftpage Acquires ACT!

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Finally! This is an acquisition – not a sale – of a long-time favorite in the Contact Management / CRM market space.   And this is a good thing. Let me explain… ACT! will now be owned by a smaller, more agile firm that understands CRM and the small business marketplace. For those of you who don’t know, Swiftpage is a major …

Hasn’t It Always Been This Way?

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Business and Social?   Dogs and Cats?    Day and Night? Yes! …it has always been about business! Businesses don’t buy products or services — people do.   And people buy from those that they like and trust and have had good relationships with.   In other words, a social business relationship. Nice post from Bob Thompson this week that highlights …

Apples vs Apples

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The more I work with Social Media the more contrast I am seeing between marketing efforts to drive transactional revenue and those designed to build longer term relationships. So, I would like to toss out the idea that Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) software and Contact Management software are really more different than they appear on the surface. CRM products have …

Are There Beans in Your Customer Service?

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A number of years ago I was called in to review a CRM system for a technology firm — actually a software company with a strong focus on databases.   Good project for me; I understood the target market, the general sales and support functions and had worked with their CRM system for a number of years. One afternoon I was …

Why Are We Gathering Data Like Squirrels?

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We are spending a lot of time gathering information in our sales and marketing (CRM) database these days. Social media updates, SEO/SEM updates and the unending requests for call reports. I am sure that some people spend much more time updating the CRM database than actually selling. Don’t get me wrong… background G2 work is necessary — it just should be …