Getting CRM Right the First Time

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If you meet with as many business owners or sales executives as I do you will be certain to hear that their current Customer Relationship Management software is not meeting their expectations. In the beginning there are usually high hopes and lots of conversations about how wonderful, productive and easy to use the new system will be for the sales …

calf path

Don’t Follow the “Calf Path” – It Eventually Ends At The Slaughterhouse

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Back in the dark ages when mainframes ruled the IT jungle the process of change management and ‘thinking out of the box’ was a different ball game than today. There was not really the concept getting early adopters on board with a new project – you had to round-up the true renegades and those who truly wanted to challenge the …

Just How Hard Can IT Be?

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The company servers were running slow again and users kept getting kicked out of the network several times a day. Finally management had had enough and decided in executive meeting that the IT infrastructure needed to be replaced – what they had in place just wasn’t getting the job done.

It was felt that this would be a big deal for the,,,

What Was The Question Again?

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I was on my way to Richmond from a speaking engagement in Kansas City — and as usually happens when I choose to fly, weather declared primacy. While waiting in the lounge in KC I checked the weather app on my Google Nexus phone.  A very brightly colored screen appeared showing storms and more storms all over the east coast and …

Who’s Driving The Bus?

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OK, I’m up on the soapbox again about TLAs — Three Letter Acronyms.  And our tendency to make terms, words and phrases mean whatever we wish them to.  Some days I feel like I have gone Through the Looking Glass again. “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it …

Social CRM? Give me a break!

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) should be, by definition, social.

3 Types of Customers – Part 3

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This is the third of three articles on basic customer types.  The last couple of weeks I have reviewed the first-time customer and then one with a stalled project.  Keep in mind that I am viewing all this through the eyes of a CRM consultant. The third type of customer has already selected their product or service and begun using …

3 Type of Customers – Part 2

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The second type is the company that has already started on their journey but has run into some roadblocks. The project is in danger and corrective action must be taken to get it back on track.

3 Type of Customers – Part 1

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Some business associates (all service related businesses) and I were discussing the similarities in our customer base last week and it seem that even though we were in different businesses our customers tended to fall into three (3) distinct categories.

Over The Hill in Your 20s? Not Yet!

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Who ever said that old dogs can’t learn new tricks? And who wants tricks anyway – good dogs are partners, friends and an integral part of our team – and that could be hunting, security, rescue or any number of other activities. Puppies are fun and playful – but largely unfocused until they get a little age on them and …