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The Changing Technology Landscape

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Look around you. Are you the youngest? The old fart? Or just another mediocre guy in the middle struggling to get by? Or maybe you are the killer sales rep who just clicked off this post. Nevermind… I’ve somehow always been the oldest geek in the room, for whatever that’s worth. There has rarely been a day that I have …

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Ben Brain Droppings

One of you looks up and suddenly realizes that you are the last ones in the restaurant and the waitstaff is silently wishing you are finally ready to leave. Or you glance at your watch and realize that you and your friend have been talking for over four hours. It’s been another one of those conversations that we wish could …

Why Do Sales Reps Hate Their CRM?

Alicia CRM

Meet Dave. Dave hates his company’s CRM. It’s unintuitive. It asks for unimportant information. The company’s CRM goes completely against the way he makes sales. Dave’s days run long. He doesn’t have the time or patience to spend another couple hours entering data each evening. Dave does what so many other sales reps in his position do. He half-heartedly throws …

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Can You Afford Not To Have A CRM Consultant?

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I once had a client come to me for help, distraught at the failure of his company’s latest CRM implementation. It turns out the company had spent tens of thousands on a package recommended by the IT department. Unfortunately for my new client, that software implementation didn’t take into account the needs — and abilities — of the Sales team. …

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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ CRM Training

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One of the least addressed reasons for the dis-satisfaction (and sometimes outright failure) of new software deployments, particularly CRM systems is not having a good focus on training. There is always a tendency to let on-the-job, organic training take the place of formal instruction. After all, everyone now is ‘computer literate’ and we don’t want to insult our employees by …

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What’s in Your CRM?

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If you have followed any of my writing you already know that I wish we had a good alternative for CRM.  The only word in “Customer Relationship Management” that  is relevant is “Relationship”.  The discipline is simply not always about customers and even if it were they certainly cannot be managed. For years I have advocating for a broader use …

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Confide – The Changing Face of Business Technology

Alicia Strategy

Forty years ago, few people saw how the advent of the personal computer would change not only the shape of business, but the fabric of society itself. The technology industry changes so quickly that businesses and the legal profession have trouble creating policies to keep up with their appropriate usage. Within that gap, we rely on early adopters to define …

Avoid these Presentation Mistakes

Avoid These 5 Common Presentation Mistakes

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Including too many concepts, details, explanations, and examples is confusing… and causes stress. Your prospect needs to be able to focus on one meaningful concept, relevant to his or her situation, at a time. You can back up or illustrate the concept with a few facts or examples, but don’t go overboard. If you have more than one concept to …

Peace. Love. Sales.

Peace Love and Sales

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Perhaps it’s the time we live in but I keep running into the pushy sales rep type who assume that I have this big problem that only they can solve — and they can do it right now.  They always seem to be on the hunt. Perhaps the looming 4th quarter quota is staring them in the face. I recently  returned …

CRM Sales Buzzwords

Technology and Sales Don’t Need Any More Acronyms

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OK, let’s face facts, CRM is not the new kid on the block that everyone has to have!  Although the technology provides immense benefits and is almost a competitive necessity in modern business, many more people have iPhones than use CRM software!  This a mature product line with a rich history and a bright future. Warning! Short history lesson ahead:  …