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Ben Meredith

Ben is a technology-focused consultant based in Ashland, Virginia.  He has a strong technology foundation but he is also able to communicate in business language, not just the technology jargon you may be used to hearing. Ben has often been engaged to be the liaison between the management and the technical staff or outside contractors.

All projects begin with a visual design step using MindJet MindMaps. With over 15 years of building visual projects in mind maps, my clients have come to rely on me for my ability to visually present and manage complex processes.

My clients come to me because I deliver a unique skill set and I am simply the best at what I do — working with them in a collaborative manner to deliver the highest value possible.

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2% of sales were closed on the first call. 3% on the second call, but 81% of sales close after the 5th call. CRM systems offer the automated persistence that creates quantitative success.

Vision & Culture

My goal is to deliver a balanced blend of Technology, Creativity and Business to each new client engagement. My client must be better off when I leave than when I arrived — that is the essence of Value.

I do not bill by the hour. Hourly billing engagements are inherently unbalanced. The client wants to get the project over with; The contractor wants to stay as long as possible. I bill based on the value to be delivered by our services — and my services are guaranteed. Of course I cannot guarantee outcomes or events outside of my control. Ask me about my service guarantee — I am unique in my approach to client projects.

Basic Rules of Success

Many years ago I was presented the following Basic Rules of Success. They are as relevant today as they were 20 years ago.

Just as there are fundamental laws of nature, there are basic laws for success.Developed over many years, they hold true for individuals and businesses alike. They are not spectacular. Or mysterious. Or even especially brilliant. Success does not rely on creative genius. Or divine inspiration. It is based on a few simple, proven techniques. That everyone knows, and anyone can do.The problem, is that people either forget to do them, or they simply don’t have the time.If you follow these techniques, you will be more successful. Your sales will increase. You’ll do more work in less time.And you will build better relationships with your customers.How could these techniques for success be improved? By implementing Customer Relationship Management and Collaborative Processes in your organization!

1. Use Your Time Wisely

Organize and simplify. Easy access of information makes you more efficient. It eliminates the time wasted trying to remember important details. CRM systems instantly retrieve any information you need. Scheduled appointments, names, dates, times, phone numbers, meeting places, pertinent facts. The who, what, when, where and why of every business day. With virtually unlimited capacity, your these systems eliminate tons of paperwork. Easy to learn and use. Automated processes do the busywork, so you can get busy working.

2. Be Persistent

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. A  recent survey found that 2% of sales were closed on the first call. 3% on the second call. 4% on the third call. 10% on the fourth call. And 81% after the 5th call. Proof that persistence pays. CRM systems offer automatic persistence.

3. Make People Feel Important

68% of customers stop doing business with a company because they feel ignored. Not surprising. The desire to feel important is one of the strongest urges in human nature. CRM helps you make business contacts feel more important. With detailed information on every customer, each contact is more personal and professional. CRM software system also remind you to call regularly. When you last spoke. And what was said. People are hungry for recognition and personal attention. Give them that, and you greatly increase your chances for success.

4. Remember The Little Things

Simple things like sending thank-you notes and remembering birthdays can mean a lot. But small courtesies are the first things to suffer in a busy schedule. Your CRM system does them for you. It writes personalized letters and emails. Begin each day with a list of priorities and special events. Remembering a client’s birthday may not seem that important. Until your competition does. CRM software automates a very important part of business that is sorely missed in  today’s marketplace. The personal touch.

5. Keep your promises

Building people’s trust can be a difficult task, but it’s well worth the effort. One way to inspire that trust, is to do what you say you will. The problem for most people isn’t doing what they promised, it’s remembering what it was. Not with a good CRM system! No matter when your promise was made, you will reminded of what it was, and when to do it. Whether it’s a call back, a referral, a big order, or just dinner and a show. You’ll always come through. This feature is invaluable. A trusted business partner is a real find.