Why Do Sales Reps Hate Their CRM?

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Meet Dave.

Our CRM sales rep, Dave.

Yes, this is Dave.

Dave hates his company’s CRM. It’s unintuitive. It asks for unimportant information. The company’s CRM goes completely against the way he makes sales.

Dave’s days run long. He doesn’t have the time or patience to spend another couple hours entering data each evening. Dave does what so many other sales reps in his position do. He half-heartedly throws the least customer information allowed in the CRM system. And he does this at the end of the sale only because he won’t get his commission otherwise. Dave keeps his really important information in an Excel spreadsheet and a series of sticky notes. The process is redundant and wastes time, but at least Dave understands Excel. Still, it’s easier than wasting time figuring out the screens and commands for the CRM software.

Dave loves selling — it’s in his blood. He knows that if you don’t make sales, you don’t get paid. He’s okay with that because he works hard and generates a lot of sales. But he’s getting burned out.

Dave’s manager, Rick, is constantly phoning or emailing him about his sales data. And those weekly sales meetings take up even more time that he could better use by selling.

Dave feels like the CRM software isn’t there to help him streamline his sales. Instead, it’s just a way for management to micro-manage his efforts. Dave would love for the CRM package actually made it easier to sell!

Meanwhile, Manager Rick is frantic because he is unable to deliver an accurate forecast. His sales data is woefully inaccurate. He is busy trying to save the sales that his reps can’t close. He doesn’t have time to coach or train his team. And Rick has six other sales reps — much like Dave — that he has to manage.


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“I need your latest sales figures!”

Increase the CRM Adoption Rate by Sales Reps

Most good data comes from our sales reps. The sales rep is the one most affected by the CRM. If they don’t adopt the new system — or they use it begrudgingly — then the accuracy of our data will plummet. So doesn’t it make sense to increase the adoption rate by our sales team? You want a CRM strategy that is aligned with how sales people sell.

The priority when assessing any new CRM is whether it is easy for your sales staff to use. Every minute spent using CRM is a minute spent not selling. You want the the best bang for your buck.   So make sure the CRM requires as little time as possible for the most closed sales. Reps do should not spend valuable time trying to figure out where to enter data, or how to extract vital information.

I believe there is no single CRM solution that is a ‘best fit’ for every organization. Some CRM systems will suit some businesses better than others.

But I get excited when I see a CRM application that offers a new approach to the sales process. For some companies, Pipeliner CRM may be the solution.


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Pipeliner’s Org Chart

Make it Easy, Make it Visual

One of Pipeliner’s main tenets is that sales people are entrepreneurs at heart and they love to sell. And CRM should be easy and intuitive to use.

Humans can assess a visual scene in less than 1/10 second. Pipeliner attempts to leverage that with a visual sales funnel. Custom views allow reps to track sales according to their own sales technique. Management can see where their reps are in the sales funnel in an instant.

Pipeliner CRM is cloud-based so it goes wherever your sales reps go. Small to medium-sized businesses especially enjoy the decreased implementation costs of a cloud CRM.

Pipeliner is unique from other CRM applications. It allows you to see multiple pipelines and switch views with ease.. This is great when working with different territories or various splits, like inside/outside sales.

Pipeliner CRM even offers an Org Chart so you can take a bird’s eye view of your customer accounts. You can view any contact or account in a hierarchical layout. And you can also assign subordinates or assistants.

I see a strong future for Pipeliner CRM. Dave can spend more time closing and less time entering information. The quality of data increases. And Rick can spend more time managing and mentoring his team. Sounds like a winner!

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