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Peace Love and Sales

Ben Consulting, Sales, Strategy

Perhaps it’s the time we live in but I keep running into the pushy sales rep type who assume that I have this big problem that only they can solve — and they can do it right now.  They always seem to be on the hunt. Perhaps the looming 4th quarter quota is staring them in the face.

I recently  returned from a flight to the southwest and from my experience during the trip it must have been some type of migration for the species. I seemed to have a pocketful of crumpled up business cards by the time I got back into the office.

Approach all new acquaintances (and customers) as peers – they are neither above or below you. And just because they are willing to meet or talk with you don’t assume that they or their business are flawed in some way or need your assistance. Build your relationship with them – if business results from that relationship that’s great.  Business that comes before a relationship is build is probably going to be challenging.

The reason is that relationships build trust – trust results in sharing problems and insights. And that is the first step in defining the value that each person sees in the relationship. Digging below the surface. Finding a unique and innovative way to improve their current situation is the best way to show the value you can bring to their business.