Where did my sales leads go?!

Where did your Sales Leads Go?

What’s happening in your front office that you don’t know?
Accurate sales forecast creates success

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What could you do if you had an  accurate sales forecast ready for you every Monday morning?

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Every week, Ben shares with you his experiences and observations in the business world. With a focus on CRM, technology, sales, and good ol’ human nature, you can count on learning something new!

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I believe that the client should always be satisfied with the value of our partnership. That is why I do not bill by the hour. Learn more about my unique approach.


Ben is a pioneer in the Technology industry. While his focus is CRM, his priority is people. Learn how Ben can jump start your sales, revitalize your project, or teach you the best saleshacks in the business…


Ben is located just outside of Richmond, in the beautiful heart of Virginia. However, he does business all over the country. Call him at (804) 550-1517 or schedule an appointment.